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Learn how the top experts in the world approach conversion optimization


Plenty of people call themselves expert optimizers but few understand even the fundamentals. I have put together this in-depth and very hands-on coaching curriculum to give you the tools and mindset necessary to become a successful pro in the CRO industry. .

You’ll not only learn proven testing methodologies and conversion optimization skills but will gain access to the same processes that I’ve used to grow my business into one of the top CRO agencies in the world.

Whether you’re a freelancer, an agency, or someone serious about a career in CRO, you’ll gain a set of skills that makes you an invaluable asset to your clients and company.


Grow your business, make more money, and attract higher paying clients

This program will enable you to either add conversion optimization to your current offering, or expand what you offer right now. This in turn will translate into new, cold cash. If you put what you learn here in practice, I promise at least 10x returns in the first year.

By doing higher quality work, you'll be able to charge more. More than you might think. I will also teach you how to get new business, close deals, maintain long client relationships and price your services.

Build In-Demand Skills That Add Value for Years

This program is about teaching you an actual skill. This is not the latest fad, or a hack that you can exploit only for the next 3 months. This is about a real skill that is highly in demand - everyone and their mother want to hire optimizers right now. But there's a huge shortage of talent.

Optimizers are polymaths - they needs to speak design, copywriting, persuasion, statistics, psychology, analytics and then some. So rookie optimizers focus on tactics (they read on a blog post), while true professionals have a structured approach to all of this. This program will teach you that.

Copy My Every Process: See How I Work

You've read hundreds of blog posts on optimization. That's why you know that nobody is showing you how they actually work on a client project. But I will.

Watch me actually decide on how to go about a client project, set up data collection, analyze the data and pull insights out of it, turn those into test hypotheses and eventually fix or test them. My biggest learnings and aha-moments have come from observing the full process an expert uses. Now you have the same opportunity.

Become A Top 1% Optimizer

Mediocre people are dime a dozen. Every other high school kid is calling themselves an SEO guy, and the same will eventually happen to conversion optimization. Junk advice and rubbish blog posts are already everywhere. Soon every digital marketing guy will offer (or rather claim to offer) conversion optimization services.

That's nothing to worry about if you're among the very best - there's always demand for the best. But you should worry if you're not doing everything you can to become the very best.

Topics covered in the program:

Big Picture, mindset of an optimizer
Value propositions and offers
Persuasive design
People and psychology
Information Architecture
Best practice library and checklists
Optimization process and frameworks
How to conduct conversion research
Google Analytics top reports and data interpretation
Qualitative research: interviews, surveys, polls
Heuristic analysis
Mouse tracking and heat maps
Usability and user testing
Landing page optimization
Optimizing forms
Conversion copywriting
Images & video optimization
Testing strategies
Numbers & statistics
Prioritizing tests
Developing test hypotheses
Biases and validity threats
Iterative testing and learn from test results
Post-test segmentation and analysis
Site speed optimization
Managing CRO project workflows
Selling CRO services
Building your CRO business
24/7 access to members-only forum
Private and group calls

What’s NOT included in this program?

- html/css
- javascript/jquery
- in-depth data science and statistics

basic front-end and coding skills are a must for setting up A/B tests, you will not be required to code in order to take the course. If you’re interested in learning html/css or javascript/jquery I’m happy to point you to the right direction.

Note: Coding skills NOT required for this program.

How The Coaching Program Works


This is a true coaching program, which means that it's interactive, and requires your active participation. We will be optimizing an actual website. If you're not ready to take a proactive approach to learning, look somewhere else. This will be intense. I am serious about helping you become a top 1% optimizer.

✓ Two live webinars per week (screenshare sessions, watch me work)
✓ Put theory in practice right away: we'll optimize an actual website, week by week
✓ Get assignments and feedback to your work
✓ 3 month All-Access membership to the CXL Institute (worth $897)
✓ Ask me anything: Live Q&A twice a week
✓ Access to private members-only Facebook group
✓ Become a CXL certified optimizer after you pass the test

After you join the program, you will be added to the online members-only forum. That's a place for non-stop discussions and learning between you guys and myself.

In addition to ongoing forum discussions, we have 2 weekly live webinars (typically ~10am EST). We do screenshares, I will do actual optimization work and you can see what I'm doing, what I'm looking at and why. We'll dig in the data, and have an ongoing Q&A session. Each webinar is between 1 and 2 hours. Each session is recorded, so you won't miss anything if you can't attend live.

You also get access to written learning materials + videos. I will add new content as needed.

Each week has a different central theme, and each week you get an assignment to work on. This way you get to practice what we learn - and get feedback so you can grow. Afterall, we'll be optimizing an actual website.

Here's the birds-eye view of the curriculum:

Week 1: Intro to CRO, Best Practices, Understanding the CRO Process
Week 2: Heuristic Analysis, Google Analytics Health Check
Week 3: Setting up Qualitative Data Gathering, First Set of Tests, Wireframing
Week 4: Google Analytics for CRO
Week 5: Mouse tracking, Session Replays, Form Analytics and User Testing
Week 6: Qualitative Research Data Analysis - Analyzing Surveys, Polls and Interviews
Week 7: Prioritizing and Categorizing Hypotheses, Creating a Testing Roadmap
Week 8: Testing - Implementation, Strategies and Statistics, Conducting Post-Test Analysis
Bonus week: Running and marketing a CRO consultancy

At the end of 8 weeks, you can take a certification exam. If you pass, you'll become CXL Certified Optimizer that will help you land a job, or win over clients. I will personally refer you business.

What previous students of my conversion coaching program have to say


I've run a similar coaching program twice now. This is what the participants had to say.

Note that I've included their Twitter handles or emails, feel free to reach out to them with your questions.

"Before the coaching program I had a very fragmented knowledge of conversion optimization. Peep's program put together the pieces... and expanded my knowledge enormously.

After the course I felt 100% confident I knew all I needed to know to work on conversion optimization projects from A to Z. Now, almost a year later, I'm successfully running my own conversion optimization consulting business.

There's no way that would've been possible without Peep's course. It's the best money I ever spent. On anything."

Joris Bryon, @jorisbryon

"The supplemental course material is the most comprehensive body of information on conversion optimization available. But the real value is in the coaching calls. Peep walks you through his process - providing the rationale for why. On day one I had access to a process that I started to execute on with client work."

Jason Perez, @jperezish

"The coaching program gave me the confidence to pursue larger projects and provide additional value to my clients. Not only do I continue to develop copy but can now better advise on how to integrate that copy within the scope of a larger conversion focused project. My clients are thrilled that I'm able to bring a deeper knowledge base to the table and give them answers to questions they didn't even know they should ask.

I have a much better understanding of what's involved in properly optimizing a landing page or website for conversions. There's a whole lot of people out there who say they know what they're doing but not many actually do. Peep is one of the few who does conversion right - and can walk you through the process from soup to nuts.

Between the knowledge and confidence I gained from the program along with the phenomenal relationships I built, I've been able to grow my business by leaps and bounds. I've paid for the course multiple times over with referrals from others in the program."

Jennifer Havice, @jenhavice

"The coaching program allowed me to increase the value that optimization can provide for me and the companies I work with. It showed me a proper and structured way to research, analyze and optimize a website. The dedicated sessions allowed me to put the knowledge into practice and clarify misconceptions.

Before I had no proper structure for optimization or plan. I had something similar in place where I would do some research, some optimization but the time and costs I had were out of sync. I was wasting a lot of time on the wrong things. I was charging very low for something that took so much and had so much value. Now I can properly price and value optimization so that my clients can get the most out of it depending on their needs.

I am now able to do conversion research from the start to the end, optimize and do the whole optimization cycle without confusion.

I have done several full conversion research projects and optimization on clients and was able to easily find the best places to optimize. It's not a quick process though and proper testing and validation of testing has to be done. I would say I got the initial ROI from the program during the one on one sessions because it was just like private consulting with Peep and I got to learn at the same time."

Andre Marcelo-Tanner, @kzap

"The program helped me to consistently double a clients business for 3 months in a row (and looking to double again!). I now understand how conversion optimization works, and really get into DATA driven marketing (it is the most comprehensive course out there, and reasonable for what you get).

I learned to close bigger clients and become vital to their success are I am one of the few companies that can do end to end ROI positive campaigns, not just landing pages.

Having taught my designers, we now have a differentiation that all our designers are now educated in CRO, based on Conversion XL course as well as Optimizely split testing (so they design for conversions not just pretty looks).

I learned end to end split testing. I now understand how people interact with a website, and I know what part of the conversion process needs to be fixed, by using a step by step framework that tells you what should be worked on first, and why. I have a solid understanding of psychology. Heuristic analysis gave me a strong basis to be able to tell if tests had been done correctly in the past (re-did 4 old tests for a client resulted in a 20% up take in Lifetime revenue).

The program had a stupidly high ROI - at least 2000% since helped me close 3-4 big deals. The ROI will only continue to increase as everyone wants to be able to have a website and marketing campaigns that they can track back to the landing page and variant of landing page the revenue generated and therefore know if the page needs to be tweaked of the campaign needs to be discontinued and money focused else where. "

Joshua Bretag, [email protected]

"I really learned a lot: especially how to conduct a GA health check, the process of collecting data and analyzing it insights to come up with test hypotheses. I now have a clear understanding on how conversion optimisation has to be conducted from start until setting up tests. It was a real eye opener for me."

Eddie Loke, [email protected]

"What I liked about this course is that we applied theory into practice. Using the course material as a framework for weekly live dives into optimization tactics based on your CXL methodology helped put it all into context and made the "ah-ha" moments that much more lasting.

Your quick response time to questions via live webinars, forums, and Facebook helped make the course feel less remote and and having access to so many resources is a great way to ingrain the learning into an ongoing practice rather than a one-off. We've already adopted and applied the course material to our optimization strategy. "

Keren Shohet, [email protected]


Next program starts October 16th 2017

Only 50 spots. It sells out every single time.

I spent years figuring this stuff out on my own. But my highest jumps in competency always came from learning from other people who had been doing it longer than me.

If you want to become a top 1% optimizer, join this coaching program.

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